6250 Quinpool Road Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 1A3 Canada

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Heartwood's True Sourdough Breads



Our regular variety of breads includes:

  • kamut
  • pumpernickel
  • rye
  • rye/spelt
  • spelt
  • spelt seed
  • spelt raisin
  • whole wheat
  • whole wheat raisin

Heartwood's Organic Sourdough Bread Selection

Our 100% organic sourdough breads, hand-crafted with Speerville Mills' organic grains and flours, are our speciality!  We offer a variety of hearty, delicious wheat and wheat-free breads.

All of our breads are leavened with a traditional sourdough culture (produced from a controlled fermentation of flour and water).  This process partially breaks down the starches and bran, resulting in a delicious bread that is easier to digest.

No commerical yeasts are used in any of our products!  In addition, all of our breads are dairy, egg, oil, and sugar-free (a small amount of unrefined corn oil is used to oil the bread pans).

We also sell our bread at:
  • Barrington St. Market Superstore, Halifax
  • Braemar Market Superstore, Dartmouth
  • Bridgewater Superstore, Bridgewater
  • Cape Breton Healing Center, Sydney
  • Cole Harbour Superstore, Dartmouth
  • Great Ocean Natural Foods, Halifax
  • Joseph Howe Drive Market Superstore, Halifax
  • Portland St. Market Superstore, Dartmouth
  • Quinpool Road Market Superstore, Halifax
  • Truro Superstore

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